Press Release

Media Invite (March 14,2008)

To, The Editor, ……………… …………….. Sub: Press invite for Indian Oil-GMC Trophy 2008 Cricket tournament Dear Sir/Madam, Second year in a row Gujarat Media Club takes pride in organizing the Indian Oil-GMC Trophy cricket tournament at the historic Sardar Patel Stadium, Navrangpura. The Gujarat Media Club members will slip into their colourful attire on Sunday morning to compete among themselves for the Indian Oil-GMC Cricket Trophy 2008. The club members, representing different media organizations and hierarchy, have been divided into four teams on the basis of their professional background i.e Print (English), Print (Languages), Electronic Media and Media Associates. The tournament was kicked off in 2007 with the intention to bond together media professionals in Gujarat. The navratna PSU, Indian Oil Corporation, is our event sponsor while ICC panel umpire Mr Amish Saheba is our advisor for the cricket tournament. Just like last year, we seek your support for the grand success of this unique event. We request you to kindly depute a reporter and photographer on Sunday, March 16, 2008 at the following time and venue. Venue : Sardar Patel Stadium, Navrangpura. Time : 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. With Warm Regards, Brajesh Kumar Singh Secretary General Gujarat Media Club. M: +91 99981 99982 P.S: We will love to have you with us over lunch.