About Us

Gujarat Media Club was set up on September 22, 2006 as a section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, a non-profit company, with the Registrar of Companies, Ahmedabad. In many ways GMC represents the fruition of an idea seeds of which were laid by recent circumstances related to media work in the State. GMC puts a full stop to an endless wait of State’s journalists to have an organization they could call their own.

The thought of having a press club for Gujarat was in the making for some years. Time and again it got momentary push, mainly on account of difficulties that journalistic work involves with minimal organizational support. In that backdrop a bunch of zestful individuals, an eclectic mix of young and old, from the print and electronic media, came together on March 25, 2006, to brainstorm on the possibility of shaping an organization in a time bound manner. The idea was to avoid pitfalls of earlier attempts, where, advance publicity or accelerating momentum of large numbers, acted against organic growth of the body. Thought was also laid on an inclusive character of the planned club, hence the choice of media over press for the club.

Hard work, persistence, diligence without hype, and enthusiasm of the core group saw GMC get registered on September 22, 2006.

Having crossed the initial hurdles with the zest of founding members, GMC now intends to grow fast and provide a place to Gujarat’s media persons, where they could meet as pals rather than competing professionals. With in a few months of setting up, the group has crossed satisfactory milestones in terms of membership, exposure, visibility, and organizational development.

The club already has some facilities at the disposal of members. Events ranging from health training sessions, high profile dignitary visits, to annual cricket tournaments have been held. Efforts have been made to provide opportunity to families of Club members to interact frequently through dinners and other entertainment shows. As a welfare measure each member has been included in a group insurance cover in case of an accidental death. We hope to continue on these lines and provide many more such occasions and facilities that make members’ association with a club a wholesome life experience.